Silver Amethyst Pendant

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Silver Amethyst Pendant with silver chain included.

925 Sterling silver chain unavailable for this piece.

Amethyst is known by many as the “All Healer”. This stone counteracts and repels negative earth energies as well as heals emotional and sometimes even physical ailments. It purifies your connection to the spiritual and the divine and blesses you with serenity, understanding, trust, protection and grace.

All is mind/mentalism 

This stone is associated with the crown chakra which is responsible for spiritual connection and transformation. It uplifts and inspires you to connect with the divine and gives you your own sense of divinity. It is the bridge to the cosmos. It is connection to thought/Ether.

If you are seeking clarity of the mind, protection from the divine as well as cleansing of the crown chakra/the minds heart than feel free to add this piece to your cart