Obsidian Guardian Dragon Necklace

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The Obsidian Guardian Necklace is a 925 sterling silver plated dragon surrounding an amethyst sphere. 925 sterling silver chain is included.

my personal interpretation of the symbolism of this necklace and it’s metaphysical properties is having the power and wisdom to protect your root chakra/the true self. Having the power and authority and ability to embrace you deepest, darkest, and truest self. Obsidian sends healing energy straight to the root and sacral chakra so you can stand safe and strong and confident and repel earthly or psychic attacks.

Dragons are considered omens of good luck and fortune as well as harbingers of wealth and abundance in life.

They are also rulers of the heavens representative of intellect dignity and authority. To have the strength to not only reign over your dominion but also to bring forth and protect what is most important.

Obsidian is a volcanic glass representative of a sword and shield against negative energy. It is also good for keeping you grounded. The naturally sharp edges of obsidian represent tearing the fabric of falsity to find truth. The polished surface resembles a mirror or looking glass to see into your future with crystal clear clarity.

Some may be intimidated by this stone because of its deep black color but you must understand the balance. Without the night there is no day, without the darkness there is no light. It is a truth seeking stone. Rather than encouraging you to walk in falsehood it beckons you to show yourself all the faces and different ways falsehood is an important aspect in understanding truth.

It gives you the courage you need to explore the unknown and embrace who you truly are. It can help with shadow work and dissolving old traumas and releasing what is no longer serving you to make room for growth.

These 2 combined aspects of truth seeking and grounding encourages you to protect yourself and know yourself and have faith in yourself, both inside and out.it encourages you to challenge the unknown, do not fear it as it is just a part of you. Go to the depths of your understanding and find yourself.

If you feel this piece is for you and this message resonates as something you want to include in your life, go ahead and add to cart.