Amethyst Guardian Dragon Necklace

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The Amethyst Guardian Necklace is a 925 sterling silver plated dragon surrounding an amethyst sphere. 925 sterling silver chain is included.

my personal interpretation of the symbolism of this necklace and it’s metaphysical properties is having the power and wisdom to protect your crown chakra/the heavenly heart. 
Dragons are considered omens of good luck and fortune as well as harbingers of wealth and abundance in life.

They are also rulers of the heavens representative of intellect dignity and authority. To have the strength to not only reign over your dominion but also to bring forth and protect what is most important.

Amethyst spheres are what some call the “All Healer”

They counteract and repel negative earth energies as well as heal emotional and sometimes even physical ailments. It purifies your connection to the spiritual and the divine and blesses you with serenity, understanding, trust and grace.

All is mind/mentalism 

These 2 combined aspects of higher or heavenly beings both correlate to the crown chakra which is responsible for spiritual connection and transformation. It uplifts and inspires you to connect with the divine and gives you your own sense of divinity. It is the bridge to the cosmos. It is connection to thought/Ether.

If you feel this piece is for you and this message resonates as something you want to include in your life, go ahead and add to cart.